Various Galy Records 2003 Sampler

Bringing together a diverse collection of heavy music from our sometimes frozen north, Galy’s 2003 Sampler includes 13 tracks from the Galy label plus six tracks gathered from other sources. As a sampler, the record serves its purpose well; the songs have little cohesive flow from one to the next beyond their common metal roots, but instead demonstrate the extremities of talent in modern Canadian metal. For your musical taste buds the mix includes death, black, grind, thrash, and more — response to the different tracks will vary according to your preferred flavours. With many stellar performances, the list of highlights could encompass much of the album: Divinity, Unquintessence, Blinded by Faith, Reckon with One, Ashes of Eden, and so on. A good solid fix of Canuck brutality. (Galy)