Various Facedown Fest 2004

Two straight discs of Christian tough guy music, what could go wrong? I can think of many, many things, only some of which end up affecting the proceedings. For fans of the spiritually-inclined, no stone is left unturned, as the entire Facedown Records roster appears; no matter what subgenre tickles your fancy, you will no doubt be satisfied. Secular viewers, however, will find much to dislike: preachy in between song banter (particularly from Symphony In Peril/ex-Zao front-man Shawn Jonas, who approaches self-parody with his claim that "Jesus loves you"), varying, uneven sound quality, and a complete lack of extras of any kind. Additionally, the generally sub-par nature of Facedown's bands represents the label poorly when experienced one after the other — there's only so many generic, sloppily executed breakdowns one can take. Highlights: xDisciplex A.D., Symphony In Peril, Comeback Kid. (Facedown,