Various Drive Thru Records DVD Vol. IV

This DVD includes some of Drive Thru’s most popular acts, such as the Early November, Hellogoodbye, I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business and An Angle (amongst many others). For fans of the label, this is a great DVD packed with lots of little extras and bits on most of the bands, as well as "behind the scenes” featurettes on the making of the videos and interviews with band members. There are also live tour montages and a Fear Factor-type game between a few of the bands, where they acquire a disgusting load of food and blend and barf their way to victory. One of the major highlights of the whole DVD is a section at the very end titled "Scaric,” which is video after video of various bands on the label scaring one of the newest employees at Drive-Thru and his hilarious reactions. (Drive Thru,