Various This Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised

How did an X-Box game find its way into my review pile? It’s not a game, actually, it’s the cunningly packaged and marketed new instalment from Vancity’s Imagination’s Treetrunk. Chadio, Shay Faded, Azrael, Cons, Zach and Kevarnold (and a sweetly voiced Japanese girl named Yummy on the interludes) make up the rapidly paced and verbosely named This Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Every member brings something unique to the table, but together they blend with their speedy raps and more double-timing than Bobby on Whitney. TDDRWNBT’s debut has a very basic objective: make you bounce. And it launches appropriately with "Bounce.” "Cigarette,” which samples a hypnotic East Asian incantation, has circulated through the scene for over a year now and like the cigarette brand, it’s a Canadian classic, and addictive too. This is a CD to insert at the party, walk away and watch the groove unfold. (Imagination's Treetrunk)