Pop Ambient 2012

BY Marinko JarebPublished Jan 30, 2012

The latest edition of Kompakt's annual compilation, Pop Ambient 2012 gets a gentle shove into motion with Mohn's "Manifesto," a vaporous, delicate song that evokes clouds of pollution emanating from Cologne smokestacks, followed by Superpitcher's meditative "Jackson." Triola introduces a subtle, whispering rhythm to an endless sonic space with their beautiful "Richmodis." Label owner Wolfgang Voigt's "Ruckverzauberung 5" is the most cinematic and melodramatic piece on this record, sounding like a jazz band playing a campy '60s film soundtrack in an echo chamber. While this isn't the type of "pop" one is likely to hear on the radio, it continues the tradition of environmental sounds Brian Eno popularised in the late '70s. Other than as home listening, this stunning compilation may be of interest to DJs wanting to add an elegant sonic texture to a set of blistering techno or for playing the second room at a party.

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