Various NYC Sucks Volume 1

Various <i>NYC Sucks Volume 1</i>
MetalSucks has put together a compilation featuring some of the best bands currently dominating the New York metal scene and it's available for free download now. The 14-track compilation is dubbed NYC Sucks Volume 1 and includes songs from Black Anvil, Naam, Castevet, Hung and more.

Head over to MetalSucks here to stream and download NYC Sucks Volume 1.

NYC Sucks Volume 1:

1. East of the Wall "The Ladder"

2. Made out of Babies "Invisible Ink"

3. Tiger Flowers "Cuts"

4. Black Anvil "The Evil of All Roots"

5. Naam "Frosted Tread"

6. Batillus "The Children of the Night Make Their Music"

7. Meek is Murder "Sundowners" (demo)

8. The Binary Code "Encircled"

9. Castevet "Stones"

10. Hung "Desert of Sad"

11. Wizardry "The Falconer"

12. Pyrrhon "King of All Tears"

13. Mutant Supremacy "Epitaph"

14. Incendiary "Victory in Defeat"