Various Kitsune Maison #8

You know how obscure artists' bios always say, "I split my time between (exotic locale number one) and (trendy city number two)" in their bios? Well, imagine if those cities were Paris and Tokyo and they ran a fashion house and boutique record label whose clothing and music are so current that the moment they come out every wannabe hipster on the information superhighway wants to post a link on their blog. Well, that's Kitsune (Japanese for "fox"), the Parisienne boutique where you can buy hundred-Euro T-shirts and super-dope musique. Kitsune's eighth outing is just as hot as most of their previous material. The compilation is a slice of trendy indie rock-influenced dance party grooves that work equally well blasting out of the latest blue tooth-enabled cell phone as they do booming out of the system at a dirty club. Standout tracks include the epic "High Together" by Siriusmo, the high energy "Up All Night" by French Horn Rebellion, "Star" by Jolie Cherie, which samples an old school electro pop anthem by Man Parrish, and space disco workout "Junocide" by Logo. As with all Kitsune compilations there are a couple of goofy songs that border on novelty but that's what the fast forward button is for. (Kitsune)