Vancouver's LNRDCROY Announces New Album for 1080p

Vancouver's LNRDCROY Announces New Album for 1080p
In its relatively brief existence, Vancouver cassette label 1080p has become a go-to source for the best in rising experimental dance acts. The label's hot streak continues with a new release from Vancouver's LNRDCROY.

LNRDCROY is the project of Vancouver artist Leon Campbell, and his debut album for 1080p is a 10-song collection called Much Less Normal.

A press release describes Much Less Normal as an "hour-long collection of crystalline, memory-drenched tracks" that dabble in "lightly cosmic electronica," "dusty rave signifiers," "ambient techno and '90s Euphoria."

It also adds this: "The sensation of space, attention to texture and generally deft abilities to articulate a physical zone suggest this is the work of a true head, though one very much in outside world as much as studio/imagination. The dreamlike borderlands of Much Less Normal's cross genre experiences are divided by nowness, naiveity and deep appreciation."

Much Less Normal will be released on May 20 as a limited cassette and digital download. There are no samples from the release just yet, but you can hear a recent mix from the artist below.

Much Less Normal:

1. Sphere of Influence
2. Land, Repair, Refuel
3. Slam City Jam (Mix Assist Mix)
4. Eye of the Wind
5. Telegraph my Love (Live Mix)
6. Ad in the Paper (Mix 5)
7. Now I'm In Love
8. I Met You On BC Ferries
9. Sunrise Market
10. If Sylvia Built a House