Vancouver Is Getting a Brand New Vinyl Pressing Plant

Clampdown Record Pressing is opening just outside the city in Burnaby
Vancouver Is Getting a Brand New Vinyl Pressing Plant
It's no secret that vinyl pressing plants have had a major backlog of orders as the music medium continues to grow in popularity. Fortunately, a new pressing plant just outside Vancouver will hopefully ease some of the pressure.

Called Clampdown Record Pressing, the plant is set to open in Burnaby this spring. The plant is owned and operated by Billy Bones and Norm Anderson, both members of the Vancouver band the Vicious Cycles. Bones previously operated the Vancouver guitar manufacturer Sparrow Guitars. 

In an interview with the Vancouver Courier, Bones explained that he started the company with help from Viryl Technologies. The company launched in 2015 and has modernized the vinyl pressing industry with modern machines. As Bones explained, they offer "the most technologically and ecologically advanced record pressing machines ever built."

"Once the machines are up and running, we'll be able to press a record about every 40 seconds," Bones added. "At Clampdown we'll be able to handle everything from your classic black record to fancy, fun records, like coloured vinyl, splatter vinyl and picture discs, in the 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch formats."

Though the plant hasn't officially opened yet, ordering information is available now on the Clampdown site