V:28 SoulSavior

The second instalment in a trilogy of albums, SoulSavior lends itself to the familiar idiom that all good things come in threes. A curious blend of industrial and black metal plays out as a fucked up experiment in time travel for the metal-heads who are afraid of anything too heavy but not willing to let go of the burning desire for brutality. Crazy ambient beats are layered underneath chugging guitars that melt into triumphant and up-tempo melodies. Ministry meets Emperor in some sort of futuristic alternate universe where this kind of music isn’t being marketed to the guys who play Dungeons & Dragons on a regular basis but to the most forward-thinking and intelligent of music fans. If the final chapter to V:28’s trilogy is as climactic as this record is building it up to be, the bar will most likely be raised to unreachable heights. (Vendlus)