BY Chris AyersPublished Nov 19, 2007

The final chapter in their apocalyptic trilogy, VioLution is V:28’s end-time prophecy, which began with 2003’s NonAnthropogenic and continued on 2005’s SoulSaviour. Like Red Harvest, this Norwegian industrial group excel in drawing in black, death and dark ambient influences, as every track bleeds forward-thinking diversity. After the muffled, morose march of instrumental "Exequor,” surgically precise blast beats (thanks to drum programmer/lead guitarist Kristoffer Oustad) incinerate "Shut It Down” to its stark, metallic skeleton. After the Paradise Lost-reeking "The Absolute” interjects the Katatonia-styled clean vocals of guitarist Eddie Risdal, "Pattern of the Weak” prefaces its diSEMBOWELMENT-esque passages with a mammoth nod to Morbid Angel’s "Where the Slime Lives.” Like many of the cuts, "World Wide Bombing Day” and "Desert Generator” take their industrial cues from Morgoth’s groundbreaking Odium, while "Surrender to Oblivion” and "When Entropy Decreases” sport sections that mimic My Dying Bride’s melancholic doom. Add to this a bonus video of the shadowy, catacomb-riddled "Shut It Down,” plus production by Red Harvest’s LRZ, and V:28 easily achieve direct inclusion into the pantheon of modern industrial metal with VioLution.

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