Uncut "Thieves Watch (Thomas D'Arcy Inspirational Remix)"

Uncut 'Thieves Watch (Thomas D'Arcy Inspirational Remix)'
Toronto rock outfit Uncut released their latest album, Infinite Repeats, back in the summer, and now they've re-imagined one of the songs with help from former Small Sins leader Thomas D'Arcy.

The original "Thieves Watch" was a stormy, spiky guitar rock number, but D'Arcy turns it into a cinematically swelling keyboard pop-rock anthem with loudly bashing cymbals.

The band's Derek Tokar said in a statement, "We've known Thom D'Arcy for years, and it's generally accepted that he's a pop genius, so we asked him if he'd be interested in remixing a track from the new record. We kept it open ended, we let him pick whatever song he wanted and just gave him the elements and waited to see what he'd come up with.

"So he took 'Thieves Watch' and basically stripped it down and rebuilt it with new instrumentation and even new melodies. He totally changed the tone of it, giving it a more uplifting vibe overall."

Listen to this so-called "Inspirational Remix" down below.