Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi 'The Hook & Pull Gang' (three-song teaser)

Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi 'The Hook & Pull Gang' (three-song teaser)
Vintage soundtrack specialists Death Waltz announced earlier this summer that they're shaking up the template with a new, modern-day series titled "Death Waltz Originals." First up will be composers Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi's reinterpretation of slasher flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which they gruesomely call The Hook & Pull Gang.

Though the record is set to be released exclusively at the upcoming MondoCon in Austin, TX, you can check out a three-song teaser down below. The horror score gets ultra ooky with sinister synths and piano lines on "Burial," "Meat Hook" presents a slow-building array of shushed sounds before tearing into terrifying keyboard work, while "Kirk" is a tense low-key tribute to one of Leatherface's victims.

In addition to being release at MondoCon, the score will performed live in September at Beyond Fest. The vinyl will be limited to 800 copies.

You can hear the sampler below, where there's also a trailer for the project.

You can learn more about MondoCon here. Other exclusives at the fest include Mondo's double-LP pressing of The Iron Giant soundtrack and the "lost score" forĀ 2001: A Space Odyssey.