Ultimate Power Duo Ultimate Power Duo

I was willing to give these guys more of a chance when I found out the pose on the cover of their album is an inspired tribute to Maximum R’N’B. The Riz (bass) and ScottRP (guitar) sure know how to write a good line, like the lyric in track six, "Who’s got the oil? We want it!” Hey, a little satire is good for the soul. They can go from Ween to Velvet Underground in one song, which makes it really hard to decide whether or not to take them seriously. The whispering on "Ultimate Power Duo Enters The Cone Of Silence” is ridiculous, as is the lyric, " I need some information on my moon formation,” but it’s exactly their bizarre style that makes you think about popular music today, bands who step in time and clap like monkeys regurgitating over everyone. Final decision: clever, but I only hope they continue to ride the fine line, like NOFX and the Vandals and not cross it into They Might Be Giants territory. (Independent)