Tyler, the Creator

"Yonkers" (video)

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 11, 2011

As the mastermind behind the exploding Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, Tyler, the Creator's work is helping to define a new era of rap music. If the new track and video "Yonkers" is any indication, his sophomore solo album Goblin will only push the genre further when it's released this spring.

Dark, unsettling and impossible to turn off, "Yonkers" packs everything lovable about Odd Future into one three-minute clip. Murky production and a massive beat lay the backdrop for Tyler's fucked-up lyricisms about his mother, his bitches and his desire to stab Bruno Mars in his esophagus.

Like the song, the self-directed video is both minimal and bleak as Tyler eats bugs, lets his pupils grow and eventually, well, you'll have to see.

Watch the video for "Yonkers" below. The track will be available in iTunes on February 15.

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