Tyde Twice

After Further split up in the late ’90s, the Rademaker brothers went in two different directions with the bands they formed. Brent channelled his energy into the Beachwood Sparks, while Darren spent his time creating the psychedelic jangle of the Tyde. Twice, the follow-up to 2001's Once (we can only imagine what their third album will be called) finds the Tyde moving even further away musically from their compatriots Beachwood Sparks (with whom they share three members, including Brent) and sounding like they’ve found their own identity. Maybe it’s no coincidence that the Velvet Crush’s Ric Menck has joined the band; they’ve have taken on a poppier sound this time round, but the comparisons to Felt, the Millennium and Buffalo Springfield remain. This is an album that covers a lot of ground, but doesn’t wander too far from the band’s particular brand of pop. It is kind of like finding the coolest AM radio station on the dial and listening to it for 40 minutes without a care in the world. Some highlights include the Nuggets-esque "Go Ask Yer Dad” and "Crystal Canyons,” which sounds an awful lot like Felt’s "Ballad of the Band,” but there’s probably no better band to give homage to. Twice is a much more satisfying album than their debut, and Darren can finally step out from his brother’s shadow. (Rough Trade)