Tyde Once

Ah, the California sun is not only shining on the cover of the Tyde's Once, but also in the music that makes up the band's debut album. Following last year's Beachwood Sparks' album of California country fun, the Tyde (with members of Beachwood Sparks) stick to the down home feel of Cali and give us the their version of the Byrds to Beachwood Sparks's Flying Burrito Brothers. Once is a tribute to the surf, sand and Frankie & Annette-style beach parties. With nods to country, psychedelia, and '60s rock, the Tyde have all of their influences covered. The songs are strong odes to love, nature and good times, and the band's use of instruments makes for a playful and laid-back time. The guitars range from lonely lap steel to the upbeat jangle of a Rickenbacher, which are both complemented by a Fender Rhodes and a carefree rhythm section. Blending these sounds with Darren Rademaker's desolate voice brings songs like "Silver's Okay Michelle" and "Get Around Too" to a teary end and "North County Times" and "Improper" to a dance around the campfire. With bands like Lilys and Beachwood Sparks around, the Tyde fit in quite nicely in allowing those who missed the '60s to have their own little experience with their headphones. (Dionysus)