Two Hours Traffic's Liam Corcoran Announces Solo LP Produced by Kiwi Jr.'s Brian Murphy

Watch a video for lead single "Trouble's So Easy to Find" now

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 13, 2023

East Coast pop rockers Two Hours Traffic have reunited in recent years and have even worked on some new music — but before we hear anything more about that, frontman Liam Corcoran has announced a new solo album. Hints and Traces is out July 7, and the single "Trouble's So Easy to Find" is out now.

The album was produced by Brian Murphy of Kiwi Jr. (a musician who also emerged from Canada's East Coast music scene). The nine songs touch on heartland rock and alt-country, with Kiwi Jr. frontman Jeremy Gaudet contributing harmonica. Other guests include Carleigh Aikins, former Arkells member Dan Griffin and Dwayne Gretzky's Mike Brushey.

The album's heartland rock influences are very apparent in the crunchy lead single "Trouble's So Easy to Find," with its traces of Springsteen and Petty. In a statement about the song, Corcoran said, "You can always find commiserators when you're feeling low; the hard part is to find a party that won't make you feel even worse."

Watch the video for "Trouble's So Easy to Find," directed by Richie Mitchell, below. The Hints and Traces tracklist is below that.

Hints and Traces:

1. Lead the Way
2. Trouble's So Easy to Find
3. If You Must Know

4. Borderline

5. All The Love
6. Rosary

7. Make It Bleed

8. Forgiven

9. When the Sun Goes Down

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