Two Hours Traffic Two Hours Traffic

Charlottetown quartet Two Hours Traffic are the archetypal Atlantic Canadian rock band in that they don’t do anything particularly special, but they do it pretty well. That isn’t meant to be an insult, by the way, and it is kind of reassuring to know that even Canada’s smallest province can provide some promising new musical talent. Thanks to the guidance of Joel Plaskett, who both produced the album and lent a hand on a few songs, Two Hours Traffic sound a lot more polished than anyone might expect from such a young band. Sounding like a healthy mix of the Doughboys, Posies and even the Superfriendz, the whole album is very easy to listen to. It isn’t quite as satisfying as the first couple of songs hint at, but there are a requisite number of hits to keep the record company happy. There’s a very good chance that Two Hours Traffic, like The Trews before them, will cross right over to the mainstream and find themselves a household name for at least the remainder of 2005. (Universal)