Twista Kamikaze

In the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s fastest rapper, Chicago’s Twista is finally hitting pay dirt after about a decade slinging rapid-fire verbals to a devoted underground following. Courtesy of his "Slow Jamz” featuring comedian Jamie Foxxx and Kanye West, a track that on paper is an unlikely hit, Twista is in a position to capitalise on his work in the trenches. Unfortunately Kamikaze fails to deliver on its promise. Twista relies way too much on guest appearances and finds himself trying to adapt his flow to the styles of the various producers who are presumably tossing him their cutting room cast-offs given the quality of the tracks. The contrast between the molasses-slow Midwestern flavour and Twista’s fast flow does work on occasion and to Twista’s credit, he varies the usage of his machinegun flow. However it’s mainly style over substance as Twista’s subject matter rarely gets past rote. Ironically it’s fellow Chicago native Kanye West again who brings the best out in Twista on "Overnight Celebrity” but the problem is Twista is rarely spurred on to superior performances by anything else and the results are predictably mediocre. (Atlantic)