Twista Adrenaline Rush 2007

On the tenth anniversary of his breakthrough album, Adrenaline Rush, Twista adds the 2007 preposition to mark both constancy and change. Twista is one of the most consistent mainstream rap artists and delivers another exciting LP to follow the unexciting Kamikaze. This one takes a while to gear up. After a few skits and regular songs, "Say Say,” featuring Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha, and Big Zak, marks a return to his smooth slow jams, as does "Love Rehab,” featuring. R. Kelly, which is corny but nice nonetheless. "Wrist Stay Rocky” (amongst many others) colourfully contrasts his head-spinning style with the slowed-down Southern hooks that feel like a cough syrup overdose. On "Whip Game,” Twista thrashes a lazy Lil’ Wayne, who isn’t even trying anymore. The standout song is "Seven Day Hustle,” which has Twista predicting (probably accurately), "I came back with the hustler’s anthem.” No doubt, 2007 comes with a lot of filler but Twista fans will definitely feel the rush. (Atlantic)