Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Dub Plates Vol 3

Ryan Moore is back for a third swipe at the Dub Plates concept - rocking, dance floor-centred mixes designed for skanking. This disc improves the head nodding content of Dub Plates Volume 2 with greater "hands in the air" content. Cuts one and two are particularly great, with Moore unearthing that much beloved toy of Sly Dunbar, the syndrum. With its characteristic electronic "pong," this sound drives what was a staple of Sly & Robbie's much beloved early '80s tunes - maybe Moore is moving in that direction? Elsewhere, the things that made TCDSS great in the first place are not messed with a great deal, except to the degree in which they are deployed. Moore even goes back for another pass (something like his sixth?) at "Bin Shaker Dub," with a flurry of backwards tapes that threaten to disrupt the 4/4 stomp altogether. Nice! The last two tunes are serious speaker shredders. Volume 3 is much more active than either last year's Volcanic Dub or Dub Voyage (2000), and for those who believe that Dub Plates Volume 1 was his best platter, this is a worthy complement. As with his last half-dozen releases, this is highly recommended. The portrait of his lived-in studio says it best - this is dub with a comfortable sound, and the fine workmanship is appreciated. (M)