Tullycraft The Singles

The word "twee" is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "mincingly cute or sweet," and next to the definition there's a good chance you'll find a picture of Tullycraft. The band were instrumental in both initiating and keeping the cuddlecore scene going while those around them were moving on to other things. During their career, they've put out two full-length albums, plus countless singles and compilation tracks that are collected here for the first time. It's a mixed bag really - some songs were probably best hidden away on the B-side of a single on some small indie label, but there are a few gems such as "Josie" (which features backing vocals by Robynn Iwata, formally of Cub) and "1st String Teenage High" among the 22 tracks. Sometimes the song titles are actually better than the songs - "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About," whereas "Look How We Killed The Riot Grrls" is just as entertaining as it sounds. There are also a smattering of cover versions too, the highlights of which are an incredibly ragged take on the Pooh Sticks' "Heroes And Villans" and a near perfect rendition of Jonathan Richmond's "They're Not Trying On The Dance Floor." The Singles isn't the kind of collection that will win any new fans for Tullycraft, but everyone else can be depended upon to pull faces and wonder why anyone should care. Some people just don't get it. (Darla)