Disenchanted Hearts Unite

BY Michael EdwardsPublished Jul 1, 2005

After Seattle band Tullycraft wrote a song for their third album called "Twee,” it seemed that they really didn’t have anywhere else to go. After all, it pretty much summed up everything about the band in just over three minutes, yet they have returned once more after a gap of three years during which band members experienced marriage, fatherhood, break-ups and all kinds of other good material for a song. Disenchanted Hearts Unite doesn’t really offer anything in the way of surprises, yet it is their best album yet because it manages to distil everything the band is all about into a very, very concentrated dose. In fact, that description could almost be applied to every song on the album as these tales of love, indie pop and general twee-ness are catchy as hell and lots and lots of fun. The songs are simple, normally with the dropping of a few choice band names in their lyrics ("Ricky says that my band’s just a Sebadoh rip-off and I can’t say that I disagree”) and a sense of humour that will inevitably make every indie pop fan smile and nod in recognition. And while the songwriting has matured in its own way (at least lyrically), this is still classic Tullycraft and an album that should keep them near the top of the indie pop heap.
(Magic Marker)

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