Every Scene Needs A Center

BY Michael EdwardsPublished Jan 28, 2008

By now, Tullycraft’s shtick should be getting a little stale: jangle-y indie pop songs with funny lyrics that namedrop other indie pop bands at every opportunity. Yet their fifth album, Every Scene Needs A Center, is just as enjoyable as its predecessors. That might be due to the fact that they are very good at what they do, or maybe there’s just enough reinvention — focussing some of their good-natured taunting on goths this time around — to stop it from getting dull. Plus, they do try their hand at a seven-minute indie epic, "Dracula Screams of Tiger Style,” and it actually works out okay, all things considered. But when it comes down to it, the best moments are the songs that don’t stray too far from the band’s classic twee template. And while this isn’t quite as good as their last album, Disenchanted Hearts Unite, Tullycraft have more than justified their existence with 14 more very good pop songs. Let’s hope they never really change.
(Magic Marker)

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