Beat Surf Fun

BY Michael EdwardsPublished May 1, 2002

Seattle’s Tullycraft are twee, unapologetically so, going as far as calling the first song on their third full-length album, Beat Surf Fun, by that very word. They care not for fashion, don’t give a damn what might be cool at the moment and just continue to do their own "twee” thing. Tullycraft epitomise most people’s idea of indie pop: fuzzy guitars, sing-along songs and precious lyrics that are too cute for their own good. They go out of their way to name check as many other indie bands and labels as they possibly can throughout their songs, even borrowing snippets of lyrics from some of their influences on occasion. Beat Surf Fun doesn’t offer anything dramatic, it simply continues the refinement of their knack for a good tune with fun, quirky lyrics. The more frenetic, upbeat guitars on some songs hark back to the early days of the Wedding Present, while the occasional female backing vocals helps to add a spot of variety to the band’s best album, which already has a good mix of songs. It isn’t all cuteness though, because Tullycraft get their claws out for "Orange Cake Mix‚” a song whose lyrics question the need for the band of the same name’s continued existence. I sense the start of a major feud here and I know who my money is on.
(Magic Marker)

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