Tristeza Mixed Signals

Tristeza is a band that has managed to bridge the gap between genres of music with relative ease. Their first two albums managed to create enough of a stir that they can take some time for musical exploration before their third album proper sees the light of day. Mixed Signals is a remix album, taking tracks from the 2000's hugely popular Dream Signals In Full Circles and putting the original recordings into the hands of the likes of Yellow6, Sientific American and Simon Raymonde (from the Cocteau Twins). The results are pretty much what you’d expect. Each of the artists shifts Tristeza’s sound towards that of their own. "Opiate Slopes” becomes more like a Windy & Carl track when remixed by Windy & Carl and "Building Peaks” sounds a lot more like Hood when remixed by Randonnumber (who just happens to be an ex-member of Hood). You get the idea. Unfortunately there’s nothing truly innovative or Earth shattering, so where does that leave Mixed Signals? It is an interesting excursion for all concerned, but fans of the original album will probably prefer that, while fans of each remixer will probably prefer their own respective works. It might just be an album searching for an audience that doesn’t exist. (Tiger Style)