Trio Derome / Guibeault / Tanguay Étymologie

Veteran collaborators Jean Derome (reedist), Norman Guibeault (bassist) and drummer Pierre Tanquay have spent years evolving into a musical "organism,” an organic melding of the identities of the individuals into a seamless, distilled creative entity. And this DVD of their live performance at L’Off Festival de Jazz de Montreal captures them in situ in that most naturalistic jazz setting: the crowded club. The repertoire is drawn from compositions the group have long been exploring and the results show a deep understanding of the material. The performances are uniformly strong, with Derome’s alto, flute and baritone leading the way, displaying a formidable technical fluency, a deep emotional core and a profound respect for his musical forebears Eric Dolphy and Anthony Braxton. Some highlights include Guibeault’s stunning arco solo in "245,” Tanguay’s compellingly melodic Ed Blackwell-like stick work and Derome’s affecting flute playing on "Fleurette Africaine” and raucous alto on "Miss Ann.” Two problems with the disc: Derome’s remarks are mixed too low and the hyperactive editing is annoyingly distracting in spots. Besides that, this DVD is the next best thing to seeing the group live. (Ambiances Magnétiques)