Trigger Effect Versitis Maximus

Many years into their career, Montreal's Trigger Effect are only now beginning to truly take shape, a reality enforced by latest effort Versitis Maximus. Re-released by Indica in an effort to garner more attention and praise for their hard work, we are compelled to once again embrace the band's steamrolling nature, steeped in punk but flavoured by the dexterity and menace of formative metal. To that extent, the album's hammering rhythms and a solidly aggressive rock-influenced punk stance offset by barrel-chested melodies make for an enticing, even inciting, listen. Still, the band are a bit confused by their inspirations, at times, failing to fully ingest them and regurgitate something completely autonomous. Instead, one can pinpoint the exact band Trigger Effect have pulled certain idiosyncrasies from. Moreover, songs do tend to blend together without definition due to a general lack of variation in tempo and structure, rendering much of Versitis Maximus one elongated endeavour, as opposed to pointed shots. These sticking points are rather minute when the overall boisterous grit and spirited delivery create the feeling of being urged into wanton recklessness and joviality. A great album with a minor flaw, Versitis Maximus shows great potential for Trigger Effect. (Indica)