Trigger Effect Dare To Ride The Heliocraft

Not since M.O.D. recorded their 20-something track debut album in three days have a band been able to capture their live atmosphere with such chaotic force. And in the case of Montreal-based Trigger Effect, they outdo Billy Milano and crew in some aspects, firing off 11 songs in two overnight sessions. Yet while it could spell disaster this is where the band’s raucous street punk rock’n roll is most comfortable. In fact, a finely crafted, precise record would destroy the anarchic setting they so lovingly craft here — compressed anticipation that explodes into dangerous revelry. The band barely have enough time to finish the song at hand, let alone go back and revise any inconceivable fuck-ups, so they barrel through at a breakneck pace and leave a wake of enjoyable disaster in the process. This is the Québécois equivalent to Toronto’s Brutal Knights: tongue-in-cheek punkers who rip out their sweaty, trashy four-chord epics as if caught in some sort of musical exorcism. (Signed By Force)