Trentemøller Live in Concert EP Roskilde Festival 2007

There’s something to be said about a great live recording — the crowd’s intensity in the background, the unrestrained emotion captured in the moment. Danish producer and DJ Trentemøller attempts this feat with his Live in Concert EP, taken from Denmark’s monstrous Roskilde Festival in 2007, hoping to immerse listeners in the same atmosphere. The seven-track EP (four live recordings and three remixes) starts off well enough with "Take Me Into Your Skin,” a distant cheer passing through the crowd as ominous notes slowly seep and spread from the stage, finally breaking with bouncy, methodical bass. The song is a never-ending sweep of crescendos until a mishmash representation of New Order’s "Blue Monday” gets mixed in near the end, building until it hits a wall of warped synths and explosive percussion the crowd simply devours. The remaining three live tracks follow the same pattern, swelling then falling back while the crowd maintains the background atmosphere. Mikael Simpson’s version of "Moan” pretty much strips away everything — the striking backbeat and hazy, atmospheric synths — and remoulds the song into an airy, blues-tinged tune. Distant, softened percussion, the faintest hint of muted keys and despondent, woeful harmonica give this song its chillingly beautiful appeal. Fellow Dane Kasper Bjørke throws in an uninspired remix of "Vamp,” while an extended version of "Miss You” rounds out the disc. (Poker Flat)