Trapped Under Ice Secrets of the World

Those used to seeing the new school/tough guy scene being dominated by Massachusetts and NYC bands may be excited to discover Trapped Under Ice proudly repping Baltimore, MD, and easily annihilating the largely uninspired competition nationwide in the process. Steering well clear of the obnoxious polish and posturing of much recent metalcore fare, TUI's approach to the genre is nasty, indignant and surprisingly unpredictable. While still including all of the requisite elements that make their chosen style so embraced by some and reviled by others, there is an all-permeating bleakness and a sense of off-the-cuff creativity that are undeniable. The song structures, while never too cluttered, allow more than enough room for the band to play with genre conventions while retaining a distinctly old school flavour without sounding remotely dated. Striking the perfect balance between gnarly and methodical, Secrets of the World is the best hardcore record I've heard in a very long time. (Reaper)