The Translator Witch House

The Translator Witch House
What is it?
Witch house (also known as drag, screwgaze and haunted house) is defined by its sluggish tempo, skipping 4/4 beats, drugged synths, ethereal and/or demonic vocals and overall doomed spirit.

Why is it called that?
The name fits the sound because of its creepy elements and haunting atmosphere. Allegedly coined in 2009, the fledgling subgenre is essentially a compound of Houston hip-hop, drone, shoegaze, industrial, ambient house, dubstep, goth, and whatever else you've got.

Who's doing it?
Salem (pictured), oOoOO, White Ring, Creep, Balam Acab, ///▲▲▲\

Where should I start?
Salem Yes, I Smoke Crack (Acéphale), oOoOO oOoOO (Tri Angle), Balam Acab See Birds (Tri Angle)

What's next?
The debut album by Creep, out on Young Turks later this year.

Listen to the Exclaim! Witch House playlist at rdio.