The Translator Horrorcore

The Translator Horrorcore
What is it?
Horrorcore is rap that traffics in gruesome, horror-themed lyrics delivered over grimy, menacing production. Common themes include murder, rape, cannibalism, death and insanity.

Why is it called that?
It's hardcore rap that goes one step further, taking lyrical cues from classic horror movies. Some believe the term derives from Gangsta N-I-P's 1992 song "Horror Movie Rap," which samples the Halloween soundtrack.

Who's doing it?
Odd Future (pictured), Eminem (until he got all Oprah on us), Kansas MC Tech N9ne and infamous cult clown rappers Insane Clown Posse.

Where should I start?
The Gravediggaz' first album, Eminem's The Slim Shady LP. Tyler, the Creator's Bastard and Earl Sweatshirt's EARL are stellar examples.

What's next?
With figurehead Tyler, the Creator's Wolf dropping in March, Odd Future will continue shocking parents and advocacy groups while fascinating savvy indie kid and skaters. Tech N9ne and ICP will keep selling millions with zero promo.

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