Transit / Man Overboard Transit / Man Overboard

Transit / Man Overboard Transit / Man Overboard
The deliberately lo-fi, yet earnest, split between Transit and Man Overboard sounds like the product of a bunch of friends growing up on punk and hardcore throughout the '90s. The hardcore leanings of Boston fivesome Transit lay the groundwork for the pop punk tendencies of the Jersey kids in Man Overboard. Both of these bands manage to touch on a certain nostalgic longing that every punk fan loves to indulge in. Transit blend the emotional lyrical delivery of Bob Nanna, weaving in as much Lifetime-esque energy as possible. Opener "Please, Head North" cuts to the chase, reminding us what it's like to be knocked on your ass by a compelling anthem. Man Overboard borrow more from bands like the Anniversary and Piebald, but they still remember how good Your Favorite Weapon was when they were 15. The song "I Ate My Gluestick" is unapologetically catchy, and the chorus feels like authentic emo punk in its heyday. These are great songs, but what's important to take from this release is larger. Many people who grew up listening to this kind of music build their friendships around songs such as these. It's corny as fuck, but that's what makes punk rock the vibrant and exciting community it is today.

You started off 2009 releasing Stay Home to massive acclaim, and it made a lot of 2009 best-of lists. Does that put pressure on any future releases?
Transit guitarist and vocalist Tim Landers: Well, since you put it like that, I guess now there is. But, no, I don't think we really feel much pressure at all. We plan to keep writing songs that we're into, and although we hope it will be embraced, we are just aiming to create something we're happy with. The songs on the Transit/Man Overboard split came very naturally, and that's how we plan to write the new record.

Pop punk blended with hardcore can be a pretty commercially viable product right now. It's a crazy question, but do you ever struggle with dreams of using music to pay your rent vs. keeping everything independent and honest? Can you have it all?
Honestly, we would love for Transit to pay all of our bills. But, changing who we are, what we wear or whatever to turn ourselves into something commercial is not anything we will ever do. We play music we love, because we love music. If that means we can't necessarily have it all, then so be it. Maybe having it all is staying true to what and who you are.

The leadoff song on the split is "Please, Head North." Are there any plans in the near future to tour Canada?
Definitely. We just need passports. Tell the dudes in Transit to get passports. (Pure Noise)