Trans Am "Trey Told 'Em Mega Mix"

Trans Am 'Trey Told 'Em Mega Mix'
Though it’s still over a month away, Thrill Jockey’s 15th anniversary is already scheduled for one hell of a, well, dappled indie rock extravaganza, I suppose. Taking place on Friday, December 14 and Saturday, December 15 at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, the label has arranged for most of its bands on the roster to perform, which includes the likes of Califone, the Fiery Furnaces, the Sea & Cake, Bobby Conn and the debut of School of Language, the solo act of David Brewis, formerly of Field Music (but not Tortoise, for some reason). Coinciding with the event will be the release of Plum, a box set of seven-inches featuring Thrill Jockey bands covering Thrill Jockey bands, which sets up the possibility for some very interesting performances on the nights of the anniversary gigs. What concerns Click Hear, however, is the Trey Told ‘Em (Girl Talk’s Greg Gillis and Hearts of Darknesses’ Frank Musarra) mixes the label has commissioned to celebrate the milestone. On top of an impressive 70-minute mix boasting a song from every single Thrill Jockey release to date, Gillis and Musarra have whipped up two "mega mixes” for the label’s flagship bands Trans Am and Tortoise. The Trans Am one shows just how suitable the trio are for such a job; their robot rock transition magnificently, as Trey Told ‘Em drive the six-minute fusion of various songs like McQueen’s ’68 Mustang Fastback in Bullitt. Tortoise, as well, were born for such an effort, and the remix team’s MySpace page, give an even longer sneak peak at their man-handling of the post-rock giants’ back catalogue. Though Tortoise isn’t exactly known for the sort of rave-up material that Trey Told ‘Em normally bite into, the mix is rather tasty, upping the tangents ten-fold, and firing through the songs like a three-year-old does a remote control. Sadly these mixes are going to be released in a limited number at the shows and through both the Thrill Jockey mail order and Trey Told ‘Em. Best to not sit on this one…

Trey Told ‘Em’s "Trans Am Mega Mix”