Trail Of Tears A New Dimension of Might

Trail of Tears’ third album doesn’t vary much from their previous Tristania-like approach. There’s still the keyboard-heavy Wagnerian metal, male growls and operatic female vocals, but like before, Trail of Tears just isn’t all that memorable. All the essential components are there, and their songwriting is progressing, but they’re a little short on magnetism. A New Dimension of Might is far from unpleasant to listen to, if a bit showy at times, but so much of it passes by without making any lasting impact. Still, new vocalist Cathrine Paulsen is more than qualified to replace Helena Iren Michaelsen, and as A New Dimension of Might comes to a close, they leave you with their excellent cover of Faith No More’s "Caffeine” to remember them by. Trail of Tears is good, but they just lack distinction. (Napalm)