Tragic Hearts

Drugged Out on Danger EP

BY Mark LaffinPublished Feb 17, 2016

Remember all those bands in the '90s who tried to sound like Cheap Trick? It seems the Tragic Hearts do, but luckily, they're more reverent than derivative. Here is an insanely infectious little collection of sincere pop punk that provides a short but snappy vignette of adolescent-like disenchantment and suburban angst. 

Drugged Out on Danger is a short and palatable suite of songs that are packed with bouncy rhythms, soaring choruses and engaging melodies that are catchy as all get out. It's sweetly sentimental power-pop, yet it's jaded enough to convey genuine punk-infused frustration. Most of the songs are wildly energetic and in your face, but one of the best moments is the more subdued "Symphony of Blue," which features a midtempo groove and a nicely textured melody to carry the outstanding chorus, and proves that Tragic Hearts know more than just your standard three chords.

Between its brevity, tightly packed rhythmic punch and simple, yet clever wide eyed melodiousness, Drugged Out on Danger is a solid and succinct introduction to Tragic Hearts, who manage to find a perfect recipe for these songs to find their way deep in your head.

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