​Tough Age

House of Targ, Ottawa ON, February 3

Photo: Kamara Morozuk

BY Michael RancicPublished Feb 4, 2017

Tough Age were never a band with many frills, but playing as a pared down three-piece at the House of Targ on Friday night (February 3), they were the leanest they've ever been. Realizing they looked a little light in their ranks, vocalist and guitarist Jarrett Samson introduced the group as "mostly" Tough Age, but they more than delivered.
Though Samson made it sound like the group were working with a deficit, Tough Age's songs are really studies in how to be economical, and the band really seemed to rise to the challenge and thrive.
Between the three of them, Jesse Locke held it down on drums while Samson and Penny Clark switched off on bass, guitar and vocal duties, as needed. Hook after hook, song after song, Tough Age were the perfect note to end Megaphono festival on.
That spirit of going above and beyond extended past their music itself. Inspired by the way Bandcamp was donating all of its proceeds that day to the American Civil Liberties Union, Samson told the crowd that the proceeds of any purchases on the band's Bandcamp page that weekend would go to the Trans Lifeline & National Centre for Transgender Equality.

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