We Are Time Announces Mixtape Featuring BODEGA, Chad VanGaalen, Tough Age and More

Hear "Images" from BODEGA now

BY Emilie Richardson-DupuisPublished Aug 3, 2023

We Are Time, the label run by Chandra along with collaborator Jesse Locke, have announced a new mixtape We Are Time Mixtape Vol. 1, a compilation of unreleased songs from their label roster, out August 25 digitally and on cassette.

The mixtape features new songs by BODEGA, Chad VanGaalen, Idle Ray, Tough Age, Bile Sister, Body Breaks, Casper and the Cookies, Nyles, AuntBibby and Empanadas Ilegales, and unheard live recordings by Motorists and New Chance.

As a preview of the mixtape, We Are Time has shared BODEGA's new single "Images," recorded during the band's sessions for their 2022 album Broken Equipment.

"'Images' is a song I wrote in 2016 after a difficult breakup," said BODEGA frontwoman Nikki Belfiglio. "It's a bizarre experience to transition from spending every day with someone to only seeing glimpses of their curated online presentation."

Listen to "Images" below; see the mixtape's tracklist below that.

We Are Time Mixtape Vol. 1:

1. Chad VanGaalen - "Sleeps in Ice"
2. Motorists - "Forced Perspective" (live)
3. Bile Sister - "Can't Backstab Me Baby"
4. BODEGA - "Images"
5. New Chance - "To the Edge" (live)
6. Empanadas Ilegales - "La Danza Del Vampiro"
7. Tough Age - "Rat Doctor"
8. Idle Ray - "Localism Hours"
9. Casper & the Cookies - "Sorry About That"
10. Body Breaks - "Make Believe"
11. Nyles - "No"
12. AuntBibby - "M.C. Etcher"

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