totheteeth/tothehilt Sound Logic

This EP has an epic quality to it. As the first few sounds trickle in on the opening "We Should Hook Up,” there’s an obvious urgency coursing through each bar. Full of fresh energy, this Red Deer, AB trio spill out hard-hitting songs that splinter and explode and then bounce back into tight, focused bursts. Drawing influence from Mission of Burma and Hüsker Dü, totheteeth/tothehilt delve into barbed, piercing attacks and taut breakdowns. Formed in 2001, their early days saw the band implement a more experimental approach to their songwriting, and that element can be heard throughout Sound Logic. Culminating in a sound that encompasses the band’s roots and its new directions, there’s a distinct presence of the unconventional while also playing up on established punk traditions. In only five songs, this band somehow leave the impression of having handed over much more material. Each track carries with it a sense of adventure, an ambition that dives into the dramatic and the driven. (Reluctant)