Total Fucking Destruction Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction

Weirdo grinders TFD are becoming less a band and more a strange audio manifesto or psychological experiment. What’s with the crazy, impenetrable liner notes? Why do all their albums have the same songs on them? God, I don’t know but tunes like "Monsterearth Megawar” are awesome with their experimental edge, manic grindcore and mind-numbing repetition. Some songs, like "Non-existence of the Self,” are a bit too zany and end up grating — those clean vocals just don’t work. "Grindcore Salesman” is goofy but still awesome, while "Fuck the Internet” is just annoying. "Let the Children Name Themselves,” at 2:22, is this short disc’s epic centrepiece. Not so much a great grind band as a wholly unique entity that are equal parts social commentary and good times, TFD never lived up to the "ex-Brutal Truth” tag but, then again, they never tried to. It all revolves around drummer/TFD head honcho Rich Hoak, who, when not pounding the skins with BT, does a fine job at keeping this strange, strange band’s sound somewhat coherent. (Enucleation)