Toronto's "Slayer Swimmer" Finally Met Slayer

Yes, he's wearing a pair of water wings

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Nov 11, 2019

Chris LaRocque went viral last year after trying to swim his way back into a Slayer show at Toronto's Budweiser Stage, and having already been immortalized on an actual Budweiser can, the Oshawa resident can now check meeting the band off his bucket list.

Over the weekend, LaRocque crossed the border to catch Slayer at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The thrash icons are currently on the last leg of their farewell tour. 

On Facebook, LaRocque shared a photo of himself with the band at a meet and greet event prior to the show (seen above). Look closely, and you'll notice he's sporting a pair of inflatable water wings.

"I asked [vocalist Tom Araya] if he knew who I was," LaRocque recalled. "He said, 'didn't they put you on a beer can?' The photographer started chiming in, he was very familiar with "The Saga of the Slayer Swimmer" ðŸ˜‚ I thanked [guitarist Gary Holt] for being so vocal in trying to get me back into [Budweiser Stage]."

Now that this chapter of LaRocque's metal fandom is closed, we wonder what crowd/body of water he'll pop up in next. Read our interview done shortly after his infamous dip.

Slayer recently delivered new film The Repentless Killogy. Find the rest of Slayer's upcoming tour dates here.

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