Toronto's Dorothea Paas Reminds Us That 'Anything Can't Happen' on Debut LP

Watch the video for the title track now
Toronto's Dorothea Paas Reminds Us That 'Anything Can't Happen' on Debut LP
Singer-songwriter Dorothea Paas has been making a name for herself in Toronto over the past few years, singing alonside Badge Époque Ensemble and U.S. Girls and even doing a bit of acting. Following some DIY cassettes, she has now announced her official debut album. Anything Can't Happen is out May 7 via Telephone Explosion Records.

The album was recorded in Toronto and Hamilton, with mixing handled by Max Turnbull (f.k.a. Slim Twig) of Badge Epoque.

In an announcement, Paas said this about the album's inspiration: "I had this pre-existing feeling about the spirituality of music – the experience of music as worship, which is really hard to shake, even if you want to. Initially I wanted to get away from that because I thought it was manipulative, the way that music worked in the church to control people's emotions. But now I want to tap into that again because I think it's really powerful. Why does music feel like this transcendental, spiritual thing, even when I'm not in church anymore?"

Check out a video for title track "Anything Can't Happen" below. It takes viewers on a fun fair trip with Paas, and combines the singer's Joni Mitchell-esque vocals with airy melodies and a minimalist, subtly complex art-rock arrangement. The whole thing culminates Laurel Canyon harmonies and shots of Niagara Falls. It was directed by Ryan Al-Hage.

Anything Can't Happen:

1. One
2. Anything Can't Happen
3. Container
4. Closer to Mine
5. Interlude
6. Waves Rising
7. Perfect Love
8. Frozen Window
9. Running Under My Life