Torche "Keep Up"

Torche 'Keep Up'
Torche are no doubt flooding the setlists on their current North American tour with songs off 2012's Harmonicraft, but there's more material on the way from the Floridian stoner pop crew. A new 7-inch will be released sometime in July as the 34th instalment of Volcom Entertainment's Vinyl Club Series, though you can stream the A-side, "Keep Up," right now.

It's a bright and fuzzy banger full of giddily hummable guitar licks and lyrics, a passage of brain-drilling guitar harmonics, and a zooming, pitch-shifted solo that sounds something like what Billy Corgan would've cooked up circa Siamese Dream. You can stream the supremely detuned and distorted ditty down below.

As previously reported, Torche are making their way to Toronto and Calgary on this latest trip, and you can find the show details over here.