Torche "Bishop in Arms"

Torche 'Bishop in Arms'
The road to Torche's Restarter is apparently paved with previews, as the Floridian sludge-pop perfectionists have let loose yet another song from the set. This time, you can bang your head to the motoring "Bishop in Arms."

The latest sneak peek of the platter is a straight-forward crusher, barreling by on walloped beats and fuzz-soaked, palm-muted chord work. As far as the LP goes, the juiced-up tension of Restarter's second track will be resolved by the sludgetastic groove of "Minions".

You'll hear "Bishop in Arms" isolated from the rest of the set down below, via Metal Hammer. You can catch it with the rest of the LP when Restarter goes live, February 24 via Relapse Records.