Too High Crew "Welcome to Fraser Street" (video)

Too High Crew 'Welcome to Fraser Street' (video)
In case you haven't caught on yet, Vancouver rap collective Too High Crew love the pot. They're also avid supporters of their Fraser Street 'hood, and have managed to represent both of these in a hazy, kush smoke-strewn new video clip for their "Welcome to Fraser Street."

The party at the jam space finds RyRy sporting some weed leaf-shaped sunglasses to combat the foggy conditions of the room, or maybe to help hide the fact that he's chilling with a rather suspect-looking Killer Klown from Outer Space. Pussy Pete weighs in on his own magnificence on the synth-heavy beat, while Chrissy manages to shout out sports royalty by hoisting an old Bo Jackson signature sneaker.

In case the THC levels weren't high enough for you already, you also get to see the crew puffing on the world's biggest Chonger. You'll find the band's gargantuan joint, as directed by Curtis Grahauer, down below.