Tony Yayo Thoughts of a Predicate Felon

Thoughts of a Predicate Felon finally hits the streets in a whirlwind of hype because of Tony Yayo’s year and a half behind bars. His prison term delayed the album and authenticated his gangster persona. Yayo is a certified criminal but his album is hardly thoughtful. There could’ve been a strong theme in this album based on Tony Yayo being in jail while his G-Unit brothers took no prisoners dominating the rap scene. The title of the album suggests this direction, but it’s collection of songs are disorganised and forgettable, except for three. "It is What it Is” featuring Spider Loc is driven by a modern synthesised West Coast hard bounce. "So Seductive” featuring 50 Cent is infectious because of its heavy static beat and the playful gangsta chemistry from 50 and Yayo. "I Know You Don’t Love” me is vintage G-Unit, with 50 on the hook and the crew trashing groupies and claiming royalty status in the hip-hop court. This song also highlights how Yayo’s performance is so disappointing compared to his crew and in general. 50’s style is original and it switches at will. Loyd Banks’s raspy egotistical nonchalant style and Young Buck’s unapologetic country aggression are also both original. Perhaps Yayo, a convict who came home to a million dollars and superstar status, is too comfortable. His subject matter is mostly diamonds, women and toughness and it’s relentlessly delivered on song after song in an unoriginal way over mediocre beats. The result is a sloppy record and by far the worst to come from the G-Unit. (Universal)