Tony Wilson Sextet The People Look Like Flowers At Last

Featuring a sombre beginning and a non sequitur, lively second tune with a deliciously squonky Wilson guitar solo, The People Look Like Flowers At Last is a compendium of contrasts. The majority of the 13 tracks are arrangements/adaptations of Benjamin Britten's "Lachrymae." Some "movements" are tightly scripted, while others are launching pads for various degrees of free improv. Given the tearful nature of the source material, naturally some of the themes are gloomy but the improvisation doesn't always reflect that ― pensive, maybe. Trumpeter Kevin Elaschuk throws off the mournful shroud but Wilson and cellist Peggy Lee bring it back on the next track. It's on Wilson original "Arpeggio" where things get really exciting, with a scintillating tenor solo by Dave Say. The leader gets beautifully Lenny Breau-ish with delicate harmonics and a lovely melody on the CD's title track and a nice ensemble arrangement too. The People Look Like Flowers At Last features thoughtful music and committed performances. (Drip Audio)