Tonstartssbandht "Seriously" (ft. Mac DeMarco) (video)

Tonstartssbandht 'Seriously' (ft. Mac DeMarco) (video)
We all love a good puppet show, including Mac DeMarco. The Canadian-bred smoothie has teamed up with a couple of felt-faced figures to deliver a version of Tonstartssbandht's "Seriously." Better yet, they're trying to get a group of kids at a day camp to rally behind the anthem.

The video begins with a Neil Young-geared school bus singalong, but not soon after the flesh-and-blood DeMarco and puppet analogues of Tonstartssbandht's Andy Boay and Ed Eola get together in a theatre for some vocal exercises and some light strummin'.

You'll find everyone gettin' down to "Seriously" down below.